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Stuart F. Lewis, Attorney at Law

Worker’s compensation claims are a way for an employee to receive wage replacement and medical benefits in the result of an injury. Most companies have worker’s compensation insurance, some do not. Regardless of who you work for, we believe that if you are injured on the job due to someone else’s negligence you deserve fair and just compensation.

Experience matters. Hire an attorney who can do more for you than just file a claim. Hire Stuart F. Lewis to get to the bottom of your situation and offer you the legal counsel that will get the best results. With over 35 years experience practicing in Bryan Texas, Stuart knows the law and knows how to help. Call for your free consultation today.

Oil Field Injury and Worker’s Compensation

Are you an oil field worker? If you or a loved one works in the oil field and was injured on the job, then contact our offices now. Stuart F. Lewis has been practicing for over 35 years in Bryan Texas. During that time he has filed a tremendous number of claims with oil field workers.

Oil field injuries tend to be serious and can often be debilitating or result in death. Your family needs more than just adequate representation. Your family needs to have an attorney that knows how to get you the maximum amount of compensation due. Stuart F. Lewis is that attorney. He will work closely with you to understand your case and situation and he will exhaust every avenue possible in order to get you the settlement you need.

We are sorry for the difficulties that you and your family are going through due to a loss or an injury. Please know that you can get help. Stuart has been helping individuals and families in Bryan for over three decades. Call the Law Offices of Stuart F. Lewis today for your free consultation.

Auto Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

Were you injured in an auto accident during business hours? You may be eligible for worker’s compensation as well as a personal injury claim.

Our offices specialize in handling clients with two claims. You may be surprised to learn what types of compensation are available to you. Do not just hire an attorney, hire experience. Call the Law Office of Stuart F. Lewis today for your free consultation.

No Recovery - No Fee

Stuart F. Lewis has over 35 years of experience. His expertise as a workers comp and personal injury attorney in Bryan / College Station Texas is extensive. Try Stuart's services at no risk. If we don't get you a recovery, you won't pay a fee.

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